Dr. Eleanor Campbell

Dr.CampbellEleanor Campbell was a pioneering woman who attended medical school and became a leading doctor in New York City. Though born of wealth and privilege, she wasn’t one to practice conventional medicine. Rather, she searched for an alternate outlet for her training and energy.
Together with the help of Dr. A. Ray Petty, then pastor of the Judson Memorial Church in New York City, she founded the Judson Health Center in Greenwich Village, and devoted her life to providing health services to the poor in the city.
Dr. Campbell and Dr. Petty both chose Deering as the place for their summer homes and both extended their dedication to service to the communities of Deering, Hillsboro, Weare and the neighboring areas. Dr. Campbell strongly believed in education and health service and at her death, she left her property and funds to continue the work she had started. She designated special funds for the support of local youth in the form of scholarships to be awarded to assist with higher education and training.